Mrunal Naik
Mrunal Naik   Architect  



Profesional Profile

Swastika Design Studio’ is an upcoming Architectural firm in the progressive design of Residential and Commercial projects in Surat,Gujarat. Ar. Mrunal Naik, an alumni of University of Edinburgh, UK with Master’s Degree in Advanced Architectural Design is the chief Architect of the firm. Currently involved in Healthcare, Commercial and Residential projects, She firmly believes that Innovation and Creativity should fit within systems of Functional Requirements. Although Design strategies should be employed without compromising visually compelling spaces, Buildings are best executed when Creativity, Upcoming Technology and Program are balanced with Economic considerations. They have been constantly trying to improve co-ordination amongst various agencies and Consultancies, which is an integral part of successful completion of projects within prescribed time limit, therefore giving justice to Collaborative nature of Architectural Design and Practice.