Other Tourism Projects

  1. Special Project at Aliyabet

    Proposed Components of Development:

    • Entertainment Zone and Film City
    • Amusement Parks,Resorts,Golf Course etc.
    • Aquaculture Zone with Aqua Ponds and Aqua Marine Zones
    • Cruise Ship Circuit
    • Water Sports and other Recreational facilities like Boating, Sky train

    Proposed Development is over 169 sq.Km. out of which:

    • Entertainment Zone-36 sq.km. of area
    • Aqua Culture Zone-62 sq.km
    • Forest Zone-46 sq.km

    Proposed Investment Size – INR 5,300 Crore:

  2. Special Project of Marina

    State-of-the-art Marina to be developed at Umbargaon,Suvali, Miyani , Odedar, Porbandar:

    • Development and operation of the marina with construction of jetty, Berthing facilities, Lay By, Anchorage, amenities required for small craft, yacht and speed boats
    • Associated facilities like rest room, restaurant, club house, etc. for vessel/ yacht crews

Indicative Investment at each location estimated at INR 120 crore Nodal department

Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd. (TCGL)

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