Integrated Corridor Development

  • The development strategy for the DMIC is based on the competitiveness of each of the DMIC states:
    • Holistic approach adopted to identify High Impact/Market Driven Nodes along the DMIC
    • Each Node will be self-sustained regions with world class infrastructure and enhanced connectivity to DFC,Ports,and HinterlandsC
  • Market Driven Nodes are proposed to be in two categories:
    • Investment Regions – Approx.200 sq km Area(Minimum)
    • Industrial Areas – Approx.100 Sq km Area(Minimum)
  • A total of 20 Nodes have been identified in consultation with State Governments:
    • 7 Investment Regions
    • 13 Industrial Areas
  • Criteria for Selection of Investment Region:
    • Each DMIC State to have atleast one node to spread economic benefit
    • Proximity to major urban aglomerations
    • Potential fo rDeveloping Greenfield Ports (or) Augmentation
    • Availability of land parcels and established industrial base
  • Criteria for Selection of Industrial Area:
    • To take advantage of inherent strengths of specific locations
      • Mineral Resources
      • Agriculture
      • Industrial development,and,
      • Skilled Human Resource base
  • To spread the benefits of the corridor the project will also seek to link Under-Developed Regions along the Corridor to Well Developed Regions

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