Eco-town cooperation – the way forward

Mr. Sono highlighted the point that Surat is similar to Kitakyushu in terms of industrial activity in the city. He introduced the idea of Eco-town cooperation which is an emerging technology to manage industrial wastes with continued industrial activity. Mr. Sono advised industrial houses to focus on select processes like automobile recycling, home appliance recycling, recycling of products used in social activities. 3R oriented environmentally sound smart community development concept and future direction in Dahej, Gujarat

Vision for Dahej

  • Dahej is a fast emerging industrial town and is high in terms of generation of industrial pollutants.
  • Gujarat government has signed an MoU for development of Dahej on the lines of ‘3R oriented’ environmentally smartcommunity development concept, which is prevalent in Japan.
  • The vision of Government of Gujarat is to make Dahej a smart city and turn it into a hub for 3 industry. The waste recycling function is a must for any smart city and Dahej will be the role model for this concept in India.

3R concept – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

3R concept -Reduce, Reuse Recycle   Mr. Kikuhara suggested several ways of improving application and implementation of environmentally sound technologies for the 3R approach:
  • Provide access to latest technology
  • Capacity building and training
  • Mobilize earmarked financial resources
  • Implement demonstration projects
  • Develop focused environmental laws and regulations
  • Provide financial incentives & soft loans

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