Dahej Free Zone

Dahej ranked 23rd for free zone in world.

More than 700 economic zones globally were invited by fDi Magazine, UK to complete a survey requesting both qualitative and quantitative data regarding their zones. This list of 700 was reduced to 200 based on information collected by fDi Benchmark and information submitted by the zones. These zones included free-trade zones, special economic zones and country zones. The information collected was set under eight categories: Economic Potential, Cost Effectiveness, Facilities, Transportation, Incentives, FDI Promotion Strategy; and, for those relevant, Airports and Ports.

A total of 66 zones submitted details regarding many aspects of their operations and this was judged and scored by our independent judging panel. Zones scored up to a maximum of 10 points under each of the individual categories, which were weighted by importance to give the overall scores.

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