Companies in Dahej-2

  1. Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizer Company India
  2. Adani Power Dahej Ltd. India
  3. First Carbon Technologies Pvt.Ltd. USA
  4. UPM-Kymmene India Pvt. Ltd Finland
  5. GACL India
  6. China Steel Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.
  7. Taiwan
  8. Action Peroxide Pvt. Ltd. India
  9. SRF Limited India
  10. Gujarat Flurochemicals Limited India
  11. Navin Fluorine International Limited India
  12. Hiruma Steel Services Pvt. Ltd. Japan
  13. United Phosphorus Ltd. India
  14. Kilburn Chemicals Ltd. India
  15. Fliatex India Ltd. India
  16. Kirby Building Systems India Pvt.Ltd.Kuwait
  1. Akshar Silica Private Ltd. India
  2. Narmada Bio Chem Pvt. Ltd. India
  3. Sumeet Polymer Ltd. India
  4. Hollings worth & Vose India Pvt. Ltd. USA
  5. BOC UK
  6. Toyo Ink Pvt. Ltd. Japan
  7. Indicon Project & Equip Ltd. India
  8. Indofil Chemicals Company India
  9. MakhteshimIndia Pvt. Ltd. Israel
  10. Croda Chemicals (India) Pvt Ltd UK
  11. Meghmani Organics Ltd India
  12. Diamines and Chemicals Limited India
  13. Alkyl Amines Chemicals Limited India
  14. Encore Polyfrac Products Private Limited
  15. CONARES India UAE

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