Aliabet Proposed Development

    • Entertainment spaces like
  • Amusementzone,
  • Filmcity,
  • Resorts and golf courses along with aqua park,
  • Marine engineering and allied industries,
  • Eco tourism (botanical garden,bird sanctuary)
  • Forest zone.
  • Exclusive leisure resorts
  • Water sports and recreational facilities
  • Units proposed to be set up will not generate any process effluents.
    • Business tourism including
  • Off shore casinos on cruise ships,
  • Convention centres as part of Golf centric development,
  • Ropeways
  • Sky taxis
  • Boat rides
Proposed Investment Rs.5,294 crore
Proposed Employment 33,050

Alia bet-Proposed Development_new

Entertainment Zone

  • Located at the most accessible and well connected part of Aliyabet, eastern side of the existing road
  • Away from ecologically sensitive regions
  • Primarily aimed at tourism development
  • Zone would attract foreign tourists, high end business tourists, as well as weekend tourists from the region
  • Zone would attract foreign tourists, high end business tourists, as well as weekend tourists from the region
  • Subzones include
    • Film City Zone
    • Amusement Zone
    • Resorts and Golf Course Zone
    • Eco zone

Aquaculture Zone

  • Proposed on the western side of the existing road
  • Expected to create local employment
  • Optimum utilization of available wastelands
  • Subzones include
    • Aquaculture ponds
    • Deep freeze and packaging zone
    • Aquarium zone

Marine Engineering Zone

  • 5,000m of waterfront, located near the Narmada river required for ship building activities
  • Subzones include
    • Ship building yards
    • Allied marine industries

Offshore Casinos on cruise ships

  • Potential for attracting high-end tourists, foreign tourists as well as business tourists
  • Live gaming facilities and would be easily accessible from the Entertainment Zone
  • Ships could be located at a proposed jetty at the western coast of Aliyabet
    • Short cruises in the Gulf of Cambay

Water Sports and recreation

  • Possible activities may include
    • Underwater walks
    • Surfing and water skiing
    • Kite surfing
    • Yatching

Forest Zone

  • Planned along the coastline of Aliyabet towards Gulf of Cambay
  • Developed as eco sensitive area having bird sanctuary

Boat rides/Ropeways/Sky train

  • Proposed for improving the connectivity of Aliyabet
  • Transportation of industrial workers from nearby cities/towns/villages,
  • Attract tourists to the zone.

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